I consider myself an organized person, who always works with a good attitude, and who is rarely affected by what other people consider ‘problems’. Instead, I try to look for solutions immediately and be proactive every moment.

Even though my professional life has been mainly focused on the organization of sporting events – I have been doing this for over 15 years – I consider myself a multifaceted person, capable of implicating myself in all types of projects. I love producing events and, in that sense, I have learned a lot in the last few years, especially during the 3 years that I was Responsible for Events at Clubs DiR.

A variety of my professional diversity is constituted by Ticketing or Ticket Sales. I have become very specialized in it, and I love it. Many people are not aware of the importance of ticketing, and it is fundamental for the success of any event: the previous strategy to meet the income objective, getting the seats full, making everyone have a ticket to come to the event… For this type of work, I have come up with the term ‘Guerilla Ticketing’, which means that I focus on the small sale, on reaching as many people as possible and trying to generate as much brand awareness as I can for the event I am working on. 

In the 7 years that I was at Octagon, I was responsible of Ticketing for all of our events, some with a lot of attendance like the Valencia Open 500. In 2013, I had the opportunity to be Ticketing Manager for the Swimming World Championships in Barcelona, and this was without a doubt an incredible experience.

Ticketing is something that allows me to enjoy as an event organizer but has also helped me to explore the world of entries for participation sports, like running or cycling events.

Working so many years in Ticketing has helped me learn a lot about budget control. When I was at Clubs DiR, I was responsible for carrying out more than 25 budgets a year for my different events. Budget control is essential for good organization and for making deadlines and objectives be accomplished.

I have included in my ‘expertise’ areas Corporate Social Responsibility because during six years I ran the Social Corporate Responsibility Program for the Valencia Open 500. In 2009, when we decided to make a SCR Plan, we became the first professional tournament in the world to have one, working hard to fulfill
our set objectives. This SCR Plan, that evolved during the course of 6 years, is something that I have always been very proud of.


Ticketing and Registration Management


Ticketing and Pricing Strategy


Budget Control


Management, Coordination, and Event Production


Social Corporate Responsibility